Death to the rat tooth comb.

It's time to take out your braids with little to no breakage.


TheBraidReleaser is a revolutionary new tool that keeps hair from breaking when you take down your braids.

Unlike a pointy rat tooth comb, it glides through your braids to create a pain-free, time efficient, braid take down experience.

Designed by adidas Developer Saraa Green, TheBraidReleaser keeps your fingers comfortably positioned, and is double sided to accommodate smaller and larger sized braids.

Get one for yourself, your mother, your daughter, your sister, and your girlfriends.



Saraa Green is the Co-Founder and CEO of THEBRAIDRELEASER, a new tool that keeps your hair from breaking when you take down your braids. 

Her deep passion for the beauty industry started as a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, and is backed up by her engineering and development background at companies like adidas and Shima Seiki.

Her design and engineering education began at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design.

She went on to earn her MBA from Willamette University, and is currently a student at North Carolina State University’s Doctorate of Design Program.

She created the second generation “braid releaser” after being inspired by the original 1992 design by her mother, Angela Green. Saraa runs the company’s operations and business development. 


Angela R. Green is the Co-Founder and Creator of THEBRAIDRELEASER.

Having two daughters with natural hair and braid extensions, she experienced the frustrating struggle of tangled hair, breakage, and exhaustion trying to take her daughters’ braids down.

Despite limited access to 3-D printers and high end molds, she created the first prototype of THEBRAIDRELEASER in 1992 to use on her daughters, but also with a bigger dream that it would reach the masses one day.

With a 40 year career in Elementary Education and one of her daughters, Saraa Green, who would grow up to become an engineer, she’s now seeing her dream come to fruition.

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